Totally Taxis are a fully licenced hackney carriage operator, you can hail us on the street or get in on a taxi rank without pre booking. All fares in the South Hams district are subject to the tariff set by South Hams District Council and are displayed in the taxi. The charge is as shown on the taximeter.

All journeys within the South Hams are charged as per the meter. We will be happy to quote for journeys outside the area on a set price basis for example Salcombe to Heathrow.

Despite the comments on Salcombe Finest, we are only too pleased to take you up the hill from the Taxi Rank and will not give you 'Short Shrift'

There is a shortage of Taxis at peak times so pre booking is advised.

We reserve the right to make a charge if you are not at your agreed point of pick up or cancel your booking at short notice. We may refuse future bookings. We also reserve the right to cancel your booking if we feel you are not fit to travel, are unruly or abusive. There is a £100 charge for any mishap in or on the vehicle which results in the vehicle suffering soiling from any source. This includes leaks from shopping bags, wet dogs, wet swimming costumes, car sickness, spillages etc Any damage to the vehicle will be charged at full cost of repair.

The name Salcombe first appears in writing in 1244, centuries after most of the other neighbouring settlements were identified. It fell within the boundaries of the parish of Malborough on the edges of two ‘manors’, Batson and West Portlemouth. The manor was the smallest of the administrative units into which England was divided by William I after he conquered the country in 1066. We know about these because their names and assets figure in the Domesday book, William’s comprehensive survey of his new kingdom published in 1083. While Salcombe itself may be a latecomer, man has lived around the area from time immemorial. Archaeologists have identified stone age settlements on the cliff tops on both sides of the mouth of the estuary and a recently discovered shipwreck has demonstrated the existence of cross channel trade some 3500 years ago.

Sunset in Hope Cove

Travelling by train? We can collect you from and/or take you to the nearest mainline station at Totnes (pictured). We are happy to offer this service to other stations in the area to suit your wishes and requirements.